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Spice up your INSTA FEED with these 24 influential South Florida Artists offering daily aesthetic inspiration.

Adam Lowenbein


Former illustrator for the New Yorker, Adam Lowenbein specializes in Bold, Beautiful and Breathtaking works on Canvas. Instead of making bright sunny pictures that try to present a successful life, Adam is looking to reveal the uncomfortable and express the precarious. 


Avi Ram


World renowned for his exceptional skills in airbrush art, body painting
and as a muralist.
Avi has received multiple awards and international accolades. His exceptional talent has been showcased in popular reality TV series such as “Skin Wars”, “Fresh Paint”, “Fakeup”, and “Global Beauty Masters”.

Apart from being an established art influencer, Avi has also served as a catalyst for promoting different brands, events, and locations through his unique art. His work has been featured across various platforms, including commercials, billboards, magazines, music videos, calendars, and restaurants.

Brenden Sanborn


Is a South Florida artist who has dedicated over two decades of his life to the exploration and celebration of the human figure. He has cultivated a versatile portfolio that encompasses watercolors, oils, and acrylics. Brenden has forged a distinctive art style, weaving vibrant colors, intricate detail, and fluid motion. This has heralded international acclaim, positioning him as a globally recognized, award-winning artist.   Beauty Masters”.

Daniel Roemmelt


Lifelong arts educator, Daniel Roemmelt, is known for his
award-winning artwork.
Daniel started his teaching career in a high school setting in Upstate New York. After 33 years, he joined the faculty at Mansfield University in Pa. in the arts education department. He was also an adjunct art faculty member at Alfred State College, Corning Community College, and Elmira College, all in NY State. After 40 years in the field, he decided it was time to find his own artistic voice and paint full time.
His oil portraits are unmistakable for their vibrant, expressionistic palette that not only enhances the work but illuminates the subject’s inner life.

Dennis Dean

Dennis Dean

Award-winning photographer Dennis Dean continues to make his mark as an internationally known photographer. He is credited for his creative abilities, strong composition, and dramatic lighting.
Dennis is a
contributing photographer for Hotspots Magazine and is the Presenting Curator and Gallerist at Hot Spots Happening Out Gallery. He is Founder and CEO of Dennis Dean Images, Inc. and is also VP of the Board of Directors for ArtsUnited.

Deon Jefferson

Deon Jefferson

Is a Creative artist, journalist, singer, and designer who was featured on the Emmy award-winning reality tv show “Undercover Boss” Deon has also been a contributing writer for a number of publications in South Florida and is known for his Abstract Paintings.  Deon considers himself to be the modern-day Renaissance man and lives by the quote from Keith Haring “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” 

Diane Lublinski

Diane Lublinski

A childhood love of fantasy finds its way into Diane’s work. She expresses the absurdity of life while drawing influence from unexpected sources like the lyrics of music and nursery rhymes. Diane has developed a signature style of creating whimsical ceramic sculptures defined by her love of the human form. Over the course of Diane’s career in clay she has participated in over 300 juried exhibitionsand accumulated over 200 awards and accolades.

Enrique Cirino


Is a Mixed Media Collage Artist. His artwork, as he describes it, is a fusion of color and memories glued together with “lots of camp.” Working with magazines that go back to the 50s, paint, spray paint, and any kind of recycled texture he can stick to a canvas, Cirino creates unique pieces influenced by the stylishness of the Baroque and Rococo periods combined with a Pop Art urban feel. Enrique was commissioned by Wilton Art to create the first Florida Pride commemorative poster recognizing and celebrating 2023 Pride Month. Enrique can be found working on his craft at his 
 Fierce Art Gallery Studio in Wilton Manors FL

Fabrizio Cruz


Fabrizio Cruz is a Multi-Media Artist and Social Media Designer. His world of artworks has progressed from watercolors to oils, then acrylics to upcycled materials, then digital, and now AI and digital manipulation. Using new art forms has been a great journey and a great way to reduce his small but impactful carbon footprint.

Like many other creative people, He likes to let his imagination go limitless. Try new things and experiment.
He said he never liked the term “artist”; it seemed pompous to him. I like to create.
I escape the physical world for the digital one in my
quest to reduce my carbon footprint.

Franklin Sinanan


Is a mixed-media artist; his art is described as unconventional, vibrant, and soulful. Franklyn paints about everyday stuff: abuse, relationships, anger. He feels that often his work offends people and is always surprised when people think that his works subject sometimes is evil,
because he does it out of his love for life. Franklin works out of his Studio in Oakland Park, FL.

G.MAN, originally from Quebec, Canada, loves to work with wood and often uses recycled and reclaimed wood in his work. He recently began selling his artwork and has displayed it at a number of area art shows. He promotes his effort as “art for your heart” and wants his work to reflect peace, hope, and happiness. uses organic textures such as sand, glass, shells, and rocks in his art.

Jackie Rosen


As a museum director and curator of seventeen years and a high-end designer boutique owner for seven, Jackie has been surrounded by art and artists in all mediums, genres, and forms. Jackie’s way of working is exemplified by BOLD strokes, STRONG color combinations, and INTENSE gestural mark making. Jackie is an abstract expressionist painter who shares her techniques and knowledge working with individuals who are emerging and established artists, Classes are held, and her artworks are on exhibit at her Gallery
Rosen Fine Art in Wilton Manors, FL

Jose Silva


Jose attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and got his degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. He’s been in the film industry ever since. Most recently his video “The Beauty of Heartbreak” was featured in the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.​

 In 2014 he discovered a new passion for watercolors. Jose Silva’s watercolor art focuses on portraits, but it’s also very representative of Florida – incorporating birds and wildlife native to the state. He also enjoys making Fan Art for his movies and popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. One of his Fan Art pieces was featured on The Talking Dead as Fan Art of the Week. Jose Silva’s been part of the South Florida arts community for 18 years and he makes sure his art is
representative of this vibrant and diverse community. 

Kandy G Lopez


Is an Afro-Caribbean visual artist; Lopez is eager to be challenged materialistically and metaphorically when representing marginalized individuals that inspire and move her. Her works are created out of the necessity to learn something new about her people and culture. Lopez is interested in developing a nostalgic dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. If she’s not learning from her materials and how it affects the message, it’s not worth creating.

Lee Brock


Lee Brock is an accomplished artist working in a number of mediums, including digital art, illustration, and photography. Her paintings, prints, and drawings are regularly exhibited in galleries and museums in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Provincetown, Mass. Her work has a well-developed sense of modern, contemporary design that can translate into many types of decor.
Lee’s art is influenced by the New York School of Abstract Expressionism painters, Japanese Sumi ink paintings, and the Mid-Century Modern designers of Europe and the Americas.

Leonardo Montoya


Is an internationally recognized artist known for portraying the uniqueness of people so viewers can relate, accept, and embrace diversity. Empowering the characters he paints, he highlights each person’s beauty and singularity, giving a voice to those daily life warriors who are often overlooked. Born in Colombia, Montoya recently returned from the UAE, where he enjoyed a RAK, Emirates residency with the Al Qasimi Foundation. His vision is to expand the size of his artwork and propel his career to a new level.

Lori Pratico


Lori Pratico began her artistic career as a billboard artist when billboards were climbed and painted. Self-taught, this hands-on experience in an industry that required raw talent and plain guts was invaluable, and pushed Lori to explore ideas and techniques that were non-traditional and experimental in her artwork.
In 2015 Lori launched a nationwide mural project called Girl Noticed and has created murals in 10 states to date. Hoffman’s Chocolates chose Lori and her project to be part of their ArtBar campaign, featuring her artwork alongside Guy Harvey, Lebo, Federico Uribe and Clyde Butcher on candy bars. Marie Claire Magazine featured the project in their May 2016 issue. G
Her name has been added to the American Art Collectors Portrait Artist Directory, and has been featured in Juxtapoz and Professional Artist magazine. Lori is a member of the South Florida Artist Association, and the Portrait Society of America.
She believes in giving back to her community. She is the Art Director of the Florida Youth Pride Coalition where she mentors youth age 10-24. and helped facilitate ArtServe’s Eco-Art Therapy program at the Sunset School in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which services children and young adults with emotional and behavioral disabilities. At the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Lori led a team of artists in a groundbreaking program called Kaleidoscope, bringing hands on art activities and a museum experience to local autistic children.

Michael Craft


Michael came into the world holding a camera in one hand and a cooking spatula in the other. Driven by a passion for capturing life on film and the desire for the best red velvet cake recipe, he continues to strive for a photographic utopia and the perfect dinner party. For over 25 years, Michael has been capturing images and since childhood, he has always been fascinated with photography. His works are consistently exhibited at many Ft Lauderdale Art Galleries

Michael can also be seen in a YouTube TV art talk show he’s created with childhood friend and fellow artist, Lisa D’Amico called “Lisa & Michael Save The World!”. best red velvet cake recipe, he continues to strive for a photographic utopia and the perfect dinner party.

Ornella Verano


Much of Ornella’s recent works of art reflect the current political, social, and cultural events as seen through her experiences in the healthcare field and in her passion to explore an unheard perspective.
In May of 2021, unsatisfied with the politicization of the pandemic, Ornella left the medical field to devote herself to the arts full-time. She founded The Art Lab Co. with the mission to help other artists gain exposure to the community through different projects, as well as,
helping the community connect through art. When Ornella is not working on her Artwork, she is Vice President at Las Olas Capital Arts.

Rubi Villa


As Rubi explores psychedelic, mixed media, and pop art, she continues to share her singular artistic vision, a reflection of her inner and outer being. Her Art narrates different visions of a singular eroticism; that rises and falls, that is spontaneous and free, that opens and penetrates, and that aspires and perspires both in the depths of the ocean and in the open pores of the flesh.
Rubi is an award-winning artist who exhibits regularly in Miami and Ft Lauderdale.

Scott Jeffries


Scott Jeffries has painted all of his life, but he’s done some other things as well. He was an All-American swimmer at the University of Pittsburgh where he also earned a law degree. After a series of fortunate events, he moved to South Florida in 2006 where he continued to paint and develop as an artist. His work is an irreverent expression of his sub-conscience, an invitation to imagine space and form from a new perspective. He lives and paints in Boca Raton, Florida.  His works are featured regularly at Art Basel and in the Hamptons.

Sharron Demarest


Sharron’s passion for photography was ignited during her senior year of high school when she acquired a plastic $3.98 Diana camera. The pictures were lousy, but she was hooked.
Since then, rarely without a camera. Sharon got her professional start in photography by working as a darkroom technician for various New York-based photographers, including W. Eugene Smith, notable for his WW II photography and documentation of the city of Pittsburgh. During her free time, she roamed the city, photographing the people and places she came to know and love.
Some of her early street portraits can be found at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and in private collections in NYC. Her more recent work is in several private Florida collections.
Sharon has also received awards for her photographs in such area art shows as the Broward Art Guild, Arts United Art Explosion, National League of American Pen Women, and internationally in the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.
In 2022, Sharron partnered with Wilton Art® to create a bold yet intimate photographic montage of individuals who enrich the Wilton Manors community. Local businesses and City Hall featured banners and posters of her photographs from this project; a book is on the way for 2024.

Sherman Yee


Is a figurative artist working in watercolor, acrylic mediums as well as digital mediums and NFT space. His first group show was at the Leslie-Lohman Museum alongside hero artists Keith Haring, Tom of Finland, and Andy Warhol. This 2019 show was about turning the Male Gaze back onto the male figure. The art show coincided with the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and World Pride 50.
Sherman plays with the male figure and their masculinity in many forms. Sherman’s work explores the idea that male beauty is significant. Normalizing queer relationships so the viewer can see the spectrum of masculinity. Color is very important in his work. Sherman can be found creating new artworks at his
Wilton Manors Art Studio “Fierce Art Gallery Studio”

trey opp


Trey is a large-scale mixed-media artist, working predominantly with acrylic paint, charcoal, and resin. His commitment to his work is that he wants to inspire people to see beyond the surface of the canvas/wall and feel the excitement when they discover unexpected elements embedded in the work. I want them to be immersed in a world of intricate details. Through vibrant colors, metallic pigments, and a wide variety of unexpected techniques and supplies, His goal is to invoke the optimism he sees about the world.
Trey recently completed a vibrant mural project on the facade of the
Island City Stage Theater in Wilton Manors, FL