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Steven taught Elementary School, 4th and 5th grades for 11 years in Richmond, Virginia.  He moved to Key West, FL in 1989, looking to pursue his passion, Steven enrolled in The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale in 1992 and achieved an A. S. Degree in Photography.

Steven Shires is best known for documenting bar/community events since 1998 in Ft Lauderdale.

He has worked in several Caribbean countries as well as many USA destinations.

Steven is currently the official photographer for The South Florida Symphony Orchestra – Broward Workshop, Our Fund – as well as several other prominent clients.

His early works showed more image manipulation – as the concept of digital capture, became the norm after film photography.  Steven mostly now, simply records personalities, places, and things that a lot of people overlook. One thing that makes Steven particularly happy is to surround himself with photos of his family.  The joy of those images keeps him strong.  If he can give one image to one person who holds onto it for decades, then he has done his job.

When people look at his photo art, they frequently say. “I didn’t know you could paint.”  Steven doesn’t.  His job as a photographer, the recorder of his space, is done when that statement is made.

The works featured here are available for purchase directly through the Artist. The Artist makes 100% of the profit from the sale of the artwork, so this is a great time to support them while enhancing your art collection. The artist will directly pack and ship the product to you. 
All works are original and signed by the artist!

For more information on Steven’s artwork visit
or email [email protected]

We would love to know more about you:

What is something you had to put off because of the pandemic that you have recently done or is on your list to do soon?
I was scheduled for a one-man show at Ft Lauderdale City Hall, with reception and hoopla! That was downgraded to a solo show, and no guests were allowed in City Hall.   So, I guess what is missing here, is not having a grand opening with new work – as is, now, old work!  I need to be out more and collect new images – I’ve just put it off too long…
What does your art future hold for you?
I’m not sure.  Since the pandemic, my clients have flocked back to me for the event coverage, and a couple of real estate genre clients….  I’ve had precious time to get out of the house just to shoot for myself.  And, I am not complaining!  Since that shutdown debacle, I am having the best year I’ve ever had!  I couldn’t imagine more.  It’s all God sent and received!

How do you keep motivated?
I want to laugh at this question…paying my bills keeps me motivated!  After leaving a career in teaching in 1989, I’ve been a starving artist.  And again, not complaining. I’m not a material person; I don’t NEED a lot of money. I’m comfortable.

Name a famous artist that inspires you and one not yet famous artist you would like the readers to know about.
Ansel Adams’ Zone System that I learned in college was instrumental in me being able to look at and read light quickly and accurately enough to make quick decisions for exposures.  Although I don’t do a lot of B&W currently, it was the foundation for developing critical skills.  I’ve seen 2 of Adams’ exhibits – and they have amazed me.

I’ve been out of circulation for new exhibits/new artists.  This is something I do need to change.  Post-pandemic, I just don’t mind being at home when not working!  If I were to name a local artist that intrigues me, but probably recommended me!! I’d say I’m thrilled to know Sharron Demarest!  She’s enjoyed a remarkable run while showing her work – I’m so proud of her.


Is there a current or upcoming show or exhibit you want to let people know about?
I have nothing in the works at this time… but here is a gallery of, “Some of my Favs”:

What inspires you to be an artist and what inspiration can you pass on to others?
Ya know, – I wasn’t sure how to answer this until I took my daily walk.  I simply see things that I believe others look over – and SHOULD see.  I try to capture the reality of the world and show it to others.  One show I’d love to do but have a hard time justifying – I record dead animals, insects, and creatures….  Not grotesquely, but as it is real…and nobody really pays attention except to say gross.  Maybe it is . . but it started when I wondered where birds died – and then I came across a few….it’s just weird Shires, being weird.!

How are you giving back to your community?
I had a substance abuse problem years ago – One way I give back is by being honest about this, continuing through fellowship to remain clean – and I sponsor several men and women to help them navigate this time of their life with esteemable principles in mind and through action.

Let’s end with a fun fact about you.

First time for a public announcement – I have told this to people sparingly when the topic came up – I met the legendary peace advocate Bob Marley in Jamaica in 1979.  It was at a Sunsplashconcert – there was no discernable security, which was quite amazing as he had been shot just 3 years earlier in Jamaica – I simply walked behind the stage, he was standing alone and we talked for a minute., My brother, his friend, and I sat on stage with Marley during the entire performance in Montego Bay.  It was a hell of a lot of fun – and I enjoy having this bragging right in my storytelling.  The encounter changed my life in many ways.  BTW, you got the time?  I’ll tell many stories of my life’s episodes if you’re willing to listen!

Anything else you would like to include?
Sure! Something new that I am doing… I will restore and sharpen any image that you feel is worth saving. I haven’t advertised this – but I probably should.  I do have grateful clients that are overjoyed to see their fondest memories come back to life – most, shed tears!  Restoration brings images back to life that have been damaged.

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