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While checking out the local arts scene in Trogir, Croatia, I was fortunate to meet artist Esther Canata, a major force in the arts, entertainment, and industry.


Esther Canata is a multidisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, and actress.

Born and raised in New Jersey in an Italian family, Esther studied the visual & performing arts throughout childhood. She graduated from The SCVT Highschool Performing Arts Program with honors and continued her creative growth, moving to NYC at 18 where she studied at The School of Visual Arts and is a 3rd yr graduate of the esteemed William Esper Drama School.

Esther participated in various film, stage, and visual art projects, aligning with street artists, gallerists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives in Manhattan’s underground music and arts scene and beyond…

A multicultural, tough-love childhood armed Esther with a natural street edge- an artful arsenal-baring many layers of a life fully lived, helping cultivate her signature style…soulful, diverse, bold, and full of heart.

Her artistic approach is authentic, channeling a stream of conscious/ abstract expressionism. She plays in mixed mediums using ink, graffiti marker, acrylics, spray paint, and original photography. Her pieces combine fine detail, bold line work, and a rich color palette.  She is influenced by street art and great masters such as Basquiat, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Klimt. Her work is emotionally charged, moody, complex, and empowering -embodying femininity, sensuality, diversity, and soulful rebellion.

Esther has been shown in various shows throughout NYC, MIA, LA, and Europe. As an emerging international artist, some career highlights include her solo exhibit entitled, “ELEMENTAL” at the Museum Of Trogir in Croatia, as a featured artist in Empire Art’s exhibition,
” Branded In Time” at Blue Gallery in NYC, and as a featured artist at Miami’s infamous ART BASEL in the ARTBOX series. Over 100 private collectors exhibit her work in their homes, hotels, restaurants, and workspaces.

This FALL 2023, Esther will share her world debut of her riveting “empower piece” entitled, WOMANinCOLOR, at The Sun Art School & Museum – an ancient castle on the sea in Kastela, Croatia. WOMAN inCOLOR is a multidisciplinary installation piece celebrating the diverse and divine feminine- through art & music.

Be who u are, say what u feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind…


Esther is also singer-songwriter of the electro-pop band LIONGALE available on Spotify/Apple /Youtube etc…currently circulating music on soundtracks of film/ tv streaming on Starz, SYFY, Lifetime, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

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Be safe, be well, and be artful.

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