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Heather Renee

Hi!  I am Heather Renee, a Local Artist in South Florida. I moved here late 2019 from Virginia, just in time for the pandemic. That was a lot to adjust to. During the lockdown I rediscovered my art and how crucial it was to me. I spent 12 years as a stay at home mom and most of my art creation during those years was finger painting and school crafts. I made some killer solar systems let me tell you. Once the lockdown happened I figured that it was time to follow my real passion before the end of civilization as we knew it, I say that only half in jest. It was one of the hardest years of my life and creating art got me through it. Of course, I was always artsy fartsy growing up. I loved to read, draw, paint and try any craft I could get my hands on. In high school I thought I would be an artist or a travel writer. But at some point I got my first doozy of a heart break and promptly joined the military. I left my art and my town behind. Now, I’m from a military family so that choice wasn’t totally out of the blue. I had a great time in the service, I learned a lot and made life long friendships. I consider myself both a self taught and classically trained artist as I did attend university for art in my 30’s after completing military service. I’m so happy to be a part of the arts community here, I have met so many great people and it’s been good for my soul to share what I love..

 The works featured here are available for purchase directly through the Artist. The Artist makes 100% of the profit of the sale of the artwork, so this is a great time to support them, while enhancing your art collection. The artist will directly pack and ship the product to you. 
All works are original and signed by the artist!

For more information on these featured artworks email Heather @ [email protected]

Tell us more about your work:
Oh man, I could ramble on about this all day. Ultimately my work is my interaction with my environment. It’s me noticing things around me, interpreting and celebrating them with a reckless use of color. My main theme I would say is the common object, taking a mundane thing that we might take for granted and really studying it. Most of the time I paint a single object on a plain background to enhance the focus of the subject. But lately I am adding more background elements. I play with the concept of object as autobiography. Another thing that the pandemic helped me see, is these items we collect and keep around that give us comfort or memories. I plan on sharing more of the stories behind my work eventually. I’m still having fun creating them though.

What is something you had to put off because of the pandemic that you have recently done or is on your list to do soon?
I was not a person that gave myself pandemic goals. No way. My goal was to survive it with my kids healthy and with as little emotional damage as possible. I let a lot social norms fall away and it primed me to be able to express myself through art. It helped me focus on what really mattered. I am just happy to be on the other side of it all.

What does your art future hold for you?    
I plan on continuing to work on my craft, cultivate skills and sharing. I am excited about the opportunities that are popping up and I can’t wait to do more.

How do you keep motivated?    
Motivation fluctuates! But mainly the joy it brings me. There is nothing more fun than listening to music and painting in my bathrobe. That’s the good stuff. The fact that I am now selling the work is literally my childhood dream come true.

Name a famous artist that inspires you and one not yet famous artist you would like the readers to know about.  
Just one? That’s tough! Wayne Thiebaud is my biggest technical influence and inspiration The artist that inspired me to try to go professional was Sari Shryack. I took her masterclass over covid and her classes revived my art skills.

Is there a current or upcoming show or exhibit you want to let people know about?     
I am taking a little break from showing until 2023 so that I can focus in completing my works in progress and work on the business aspect. But I will be sharing more online

What inspires you to be an artist and what inspiration can you pass on to others?  
I’m inspired to be an artist by my almost everything around me. Creating work helps me really pay attention to things and how I want to render them. I love bright color, glitter, I like it to be fun. Art gives me direct access to joy and I want to put more of that into the world.

How are you giving back to your community?      
I currently am serving as an interim board member of Arts United non profit organization. I freely share tips and knowledge with other artists. I do volunteer work when I can. I have done projects with habitat for humanity and have donated work to auction for charities

Let’s end with a fun fact about you!      

I am obsessed with vintage occult books, and vintage bookstores in general.

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