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Five Points Center for the Visual Arts, Torrington. CT.

A Work in Progress – Featuring Artist – El Soul

While visiting friends in the Berkshires, they suggested we attend an event presented by the BOONDOCKS FILM SOCIETY IN CONJUNCTION WITH FIVE POINTS CENTER FOR THE VISUAL ARTS AND DRIPPED ON PRODUCTIONS. The campus was groovin’ with sensational DJing by DJ Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers) followed by rare hip-hop short films and the feature film “WILD STYLE” which is a 1983 American Hip Hop Film directed and produced by Charlie Ahearn. Regarded as the first hip-hop motion picture, it includes appearances by Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink, The Rock Steady Crew, The Cold Crush Brothers, Queen Lisa Lee of Zulu Nation, Grand Master Flash, and Zephyr.

While at this event I was blown away by the charismatic artist EL SOUL who was demonstrating his incredible talents by spray-painting a giant mural. I was even more fascinated when I read his bio and story, I think you will also enjoy, learning more about him and his incredible art.

Dionelo Alvarez aka Souls Nyc was born and raised in the South Bronx. Growing up a few blocks away from the infamous Bronx Zoo, he has always looked at the city as an inspiration board.
“From an early age, I felt creativity was my preferred language in a loud and lively Dominican household.
Art has always been my escape and chosen language.
Sketching on the train, working on canvases, and designing my next mural, art is in me. I don’t think about creating, it bursts out of me.”
Currently studying Fine arts at Laguardia College, Souls Nyc also mentors youth and directs art-related workshops. Dedicated to his chosen style, Aerosol Art, this Bronx artist integrates its methods and history in his lesson plans for the youth.

My chosen tool for large scale is aerosol, I am a citizen of the Bronx, and I saw and experienced graffiti way before I entered a museum. I am thankful, that this egalitarian art form was part of my childhood and remains part of my daily commute. New York City is a cluster of talents. Art and reasons to create are on every corner, from the wild graffiti of my childhood to faces on the subway, to 5Pointz, to spoken words in front of my high school the city spoke to me gently whispering a true affirmation of my desire to be an artist.

I enjoy and practice pencil, ink, acrylic, and oil, on canvas and various support. I challenged myself daily and embrace experiencing!

My influences are ever-changing but at the moment I am fascinated by Goya, Diego Rivera, Modigliani, Soulage, and Dali to name a few.

I am blessed enough to work and be an understudy with Meres.

I am a junior contributing artist with 5pointzcreates and it has enabled me to interact and paint with many artists from all over the world.

I am a work in progress, and the process is what I embrace. “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is” Jackson Pollock

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