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I am and my art is different because it is art with an experience, and that experience is YOU. When you discover a piece of my art, you are involved, there is an inner awareness of your own heart. I invite you to let go and explore the intuitive, free-spirited journey. You feel a connection to my art, an attachment to nature, you open your heart to it, and it chooses you.

I began creating at age 4, fashioning a cross of wood for my mother.  I made art through furniture and antiques during my career as a cabinetmaker, upholsterer, designer, and restorer.  I incorporated texture, such as glass and metal – and evolved into making fountains, metal sculptures, and wooden art. The art world calls me an “Outsider Artist”.  My friends call me a “Renaissance Man”, as I easily learn, apply, and combine different fields.

I apply my abstract vision to wood that I have cut, carved and sanded – mostly reclaimed wood such as cedar, pine, mahogany, and mango.  I sculpt with wood, I paint on wood, and I mount photography on wood.  I cut, bend, and weld metal with wood to create sculpture.  I design paint, texture, and framing onto wood, also plaster and cement, to create mixed media pieces.  I create depth and emotion by combining wood with upcycled material and natural media, such as glass, coral rocks, shells, even fabric.

I have been selling my art since 2017 as production “art for your heart”, working as a two-person team with my wife Cathy running all operations of our art business. I have an inventory available, plus I take custom orders. Genuine pieces include my copper hand-stamped logo.

My current focus is mango wood.  I sculpt the wood for you to embrace it, in this case a very special mango wood that has dried for 4 years in my studio, from my 60-year-old Florida tree. Each sculpture in my mango collection is one-of-a-kind and comes from the same single tree in my garden. She nourished me with mangoes for over 20 years, and then as she was succumbing to aging decay, I saved the wood to sustain her into the future as sculptures of loving art for you and me to share.

The works featured here are available for purchase directly through the Artist. The Artist makes 100% of the profit of the sale of the artwork, so this is a great time to support them, while enhancing your art collection. The artist will directly pack and ship the product to you. 
All works are original and signed by the artist!

For more information on G.MAN’S artwork email:

We would love to know more about you:

What is something you had to put off because of the pandemic that you have recently done or is on your list to do soon?  During the pandemic, initially we put art aside and used the time to re-charge. Then, while we were waiting for art shows to come back, it happened to be the same time the mango wood from my 60-year-old tree was ready to sculpt after years of drying. The pandemic became my wood sculpting time.  And my mango bonding time.

What does your art future hold for you?  I don’t really think about the future, I think about when and where my inspiration is right now. I love to improvise. Always creating in the moment.  I hope the future of my art can help someone. I want people to understand what I am saying with my art, to find the deep meaning of it.  It is not magic, you have to simply open your mind and your heart.  Every single piece of art I make has a meaning to it.

How do you keep motivated:  To see any type of art made from the artist’s heart, the deepest part of their heart, anywhere, anyhow, that keeps me motivated, as well as talking with other artists.  My wife also keeps me motivated, being the love of my life and supporting me, that is why I created “art for your heart”.  She is my sunshine and she brings light to my art.

Name a famous artist that inspires you and one not yet famous artist you would like the readers to know about.  My favorite artist is God, when I look at nature and at anything on this earth, it is an incredible creation all around us.  The artist I want you to know about is Agustina from Mystic Coffee in Hollywood, she is an artist of baked goods and food, making incredible edible creations from her heart, plus she loves to share her learnings with classes for the kids.

Is there a current or upcoming show or exhibit you want to let people know about?  I am excited to be part of the upcoming BadAss Men exhibit in June at the Pride Corner Gallery in Wilton Manors.  I am also currently showing my art at Broward Art Guild and ArtServe in Ft. Lauderdale, as well as Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines.  And several of my sculptures are exhibiting at Mystic Coffee on Harrison Street in downtown Hollywood and the Heal The Planet shop at 601 N. Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale.

What inspires you to be an artist and what inspiration can you pass on to others?  My first inspiration was my mother, she was a very creative person. With almost no money, she made clothes and food for a large family who never felt need.  And my father, who always had the motivation to carry on, to create a business, to share strength and loyalty and find the beauty of life.  My current inspiration is my wife, who helps me, trusts me, and has confidence in me.  Our art business is not just me, it is both of us, and we have fun together.  My thought for others is to find perfection in the imperfection . . . an artist will understand exactly what I am saying.

How are you giving back to your community?  I love to exhibit my art everywhere possible in my community to make people happy, for them to see the message behind it.  To bring peace, hope, and happiness to them.  Seems simple, but for me it is incredibly important. It is like the mustard seed of love I want to plant into people’s hearts.

Let’s end with a fun fact about you.  I learned the beauty of the martial art of Tae Kwon Do for 10 years, and I broke fingers, hand, toes, ribs, and muscle . . . and loved every minute of it!  I am now practicing Pilates under the guidance of an incredible artist and teacher, Noevia Lopez of Pilates N Harmony.

Anything else you would like to include?  I am immensely grateful for the last 27 years with the cherry on the sundae, my wife Cathy, who is my inspiration, my lover, my friend.  We make life beautiful for each other.  I wish the same happiness for everyone reading this.

Preferred Email Address:  [email protected]  Also, I find Tumblr has higher quality resolution and better display for showing photographs of my art, you can find my page at the following link:

And for Facebook and Instagram:

Readers may reach production “art for your heart” directly at +1-954-205-6444 and

My lovely wife Cathy, who is my inspiration, my lover, my friend.

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