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Millinery Treasures – Hudson, New York. Featuring Milliner – Tracy Young

“One should be a work of art or wear a work of art.” Oscar Wilde

As I walked down Warren Street in eclectic Hudson NY, I was drawn to the windows of Millinery Treasures. I was intrigued by the intricate
Works of Art Tracy creates. The Art of Millinery has been around for centuries and Tracy certainly is a leading designer and contemporary hat, maker. It is one of the many Art forms that one doesn’t often see these days. And what a sight to behold, her finely crafted and eclectic designs are mesmerizing.
High Art at its Best!!
Bravo Tracy.
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About Tracy Young
I’d love to tell you that I always wanted to be a milliner…
but that’s too far from the truth that I risk being struck down by lightning. I discovered the art of millinery and making hats and fascinators quite by chance.

In a far, far away galaxy
[oops…wrong story],

So, a while back I received a FIT catalog in the mail and was intrigued by a millinery course. At the time, I had an internet-based First Communion business and wanted to add communion veils to the line. The idea was to make them instead of purchasing them from a third party. Unfortunately, the bridal course was an upper-level course with several prerequisites. After looking into the millinery prerequisites, I decided to sign up for the first course and I fell in love with hat making.

Before I knew it…(2 years in real-time)

I obtained my Millinery Certificate and was well on my way to making vintage-style hats and fascinators using advanced millinery skills. I apprenticed under a milliner in Hudson and learned the logistics of managing a retail shop. Recognizing that I had only touched the surface of millinery techniques, I continued studying under other milliners, including the amazing Anya Caliendo, (who studied under Stephen Jones.)

that’s when I discovered

the Beauty of Haute Couture Millinery

There are times when it just feels right to wear a hat. But where can you go when you want a special hat or one for a special occasion? Something that makes you look and feel fabulous. Millinery Treasures is a hat studio located in Hudson, New York. Our hats are created using time-honored millinery and couture techniques.

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury. – Coco Chanel

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