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State College Pennsylvania with Artist Linda Mantz

I had the great honor of meeting Artist Linda Ruth Rani Mantz (Rani) while traveling through Bellefonte Pennsylvania last week. Linda is a delightful, sweet, and caring person, who is making a massive difference in her community through her art. Linda is a certified TriYoga Instructor with over 35 years of recovery and is the creator of a series of watercolor Art Note Cards which proceeds to support TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania’s Yoga for Recovery Programs, serving students facing the challenges of recovery from addiction.

There are 3 paths of energy in my life: recovery, yoga, and art. Each one of these has been a Hero’s journey in and of itself. As with any path traveled there have been times of challenge and times of smooth sailing. There have been times when I’ve been very engaged with these gifts immersing myself and reaping the rewards. And other times of rest.

Finding community in recovery, solace in yoga, and the glorious freedom in art, each one ebbing and flowing at different times.
And now serendipitously, these 3 energies are flowing together in harmony in my life, my recovery a firm grounding, my art a joyous exploration of my story, and my yoga is the breath of inspiration and connecting energy of these three. I feel like my true self right now.

Born and raised in NJ. 1951
Currently centre county pa
I went to Newark state college
Certified addiction and recovery specialist and counselor retired
Retired faculty PSU
Certified TriYoga teacher
Centre County prison yoga team

Self-taught artist
Mixed media art journaling
Book arts
Stamp carving and printing
Free form crochet and fiber arts

A firm believer in a dynamic “retirement” with a balance of activity and contemplation, Linda Ruth is building a lifestyle with TriYoga. She is a certified TriYoga Basics Teacher, and Intern in TriYoga 1.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Linda Ruth moved here to raise a family and pursue a career in education. She is a former faculty member of Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development and a certified addiction and recovery specialist.

Follow Linda on Instagram @yoganana51

Thanks for joining us as we Road Trip on ART!

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