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Meet Artist Alison Hill

Painting has become my way of moving through this world, responding to and expressing what I see and feel. It is my interpretation, using color, stroke, and line, to evoke the mood I am receiving, whether it is a landscape, a person, or a still life, I want to recreate what I am receiving.

Through some fortunate circumstances, I am now living on Monhegan Island, Maine. In the summer I run a studio gallery and off-season I spend painting, traveling, doing portraits, and other art-related endeavors. Monhegan offers endless inspiration, no matter what the season and I feel very fortunate to call this home.



This photo above was taken in Alison Hill’s amazing studio. Those of you who know Alison, love her – she’s a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, amazing artist. Her work is incredible and a visit to her studio is a “must-do” when you’re on the island.
Alison is out painting every single day – her dedication is admirable.

Alison paints often, and her paintings reflect Monhegan Island  (Maine) so perfectly. You can hear the waves crashing and the birds singing their tunes while looking so free. Check out her beautiful paintings and learn more about Alison via her website below! If you’re visiting Monhegan, stop by and see Alison’s work – it’s impeccable, and her studio/gallery is stunning!




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