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Meet Artist Carlos Trevisan

Now in its 3rd year, my blog “SIDE-SHOW” Art Trippin with TeddsArtWorks begins new art adventures this July and I welcome you to come along for the ride.

This year before we headed up north on our summer road trip,  I was fortunate enough to enjoy global travels to Italy, Croatia, and Amsterdam. I have found that many European cities and towns have very exciting art worlds and artists willing to share their stories and passion for art.

These encounters not only provide fascinating insights into the way these artists approach and think about their art but reveal the importance of their personal environments. While checking out the local arts scene in Verona Italy, I was intrigued by the fine artworks of Carlos Trevisan.






Carlo Trevisan was born in Cesena (Italy). He grows first in Viareggio (Tuscany), and then in Sansepolcro (Arezzo), the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, experiencing an atmosphere still immersed in that Medieval and Renaissance world.

After graduating in 1984, he began his studies at the Civil Engineering University in Pisa and returned permanently to the summer family home in Via Reggio.

In 1987 he began writing and publishing his poems.

In 1990 Trevisan began painting discovering a new world that best manages to express his sensitive creative and introspective personality. It is the beginning of a new road to creativity and art.

His artistic training begins with the close friendship with the painter Serafino Beconi in Viareggio. He is editor and then secretary of the magazine versiliese of art and culture SINOPIA.

He is part of the MAV Artistic Versilia Movement directed by the poet Alberta Rossana Bianchi.

Since 1993 he has collaborated with the experimental multimedia workshop THE THEATER OF CONSISTENT NEEDS (poetry-visual arts-historical research), directed by researcher and poet Riccardo Mazzoni.
From 1993 to 2000 he was part of the Catholic Union of Italian Artists U.C.A.I. in the section of Lucca.







In 2009 he was among the winners of the KINDER ART competition, announced by Ferrero, and exhibited the winning work at the Triennale Bovisa in Milan (Electa catalog) and then at the Ferrera Foundation in Alba.

In October 2013 and 2014, he participates in AFFORDABLE ART FAIR in London with a London gallery.

Frequent journeys in Europe, but also in America lead him to confront and mature with the contemporary world of international art.

Also, Trevisan has exhibited in many galleries around the world: London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Sao Paulo, Philadelphia, Doha, Seoul, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Lille, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Carlo Trevisan is an endlessly creative contemporary painter. Selected artist for curated Saatchi Collections, Trevisan’s work is shown in galleries around the world, from Hong Kong to Beijing, Sao Paulo, New York, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and all the way to Provincetown.

Trevisan’s images are visionary and often ironic. While his theme is playful, his technique is impeccable, and his control of his favorite media (oil on canvas) is remarkable, with beautiful transitions of light and darkness and a powerful sense of color. His minimalist and precise composition focuses the floating subject against Trevisan signature skies, adding a touch of lightness and suspension to the meaning. His colorful and surreal art connects with diverse viewers, disregarding age, language, and cultural background.





Carlos’s artworks can be seen this summer at Greg Salvatore Gallery in Provincetown.

If you are interested to learn more about Carlos or would like to inquire about his artwork, please see his contact information below. Please mention that you were introduced to him electronically by Tedd, TeddsARTworks

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +39.393.3516438


Instagram:: charles_trevisan









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Be safe, be well, and be artful.

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