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Undercover Boss

  Deon C. Jefferson How it all started……..I was on the reality show “Undercover Boss:” I was on the show while I lived in Ohio. I was an employee of Alfred Angelo Bridal. The show was top secret, so I did not have a lot of details about. When the producers of the show introduced […]

Oh! Teacher

Meghan Pearson Yellow Pear Designs Graphic Design • Illustration • Fine Art • Instruction Bio: Meghan Pearson grew up with a love of art, first scribbling in coloring books, then moving on to filling sketchbooks with pencil drawings. A Florida native, she studied at Ringling College (School) of Art and Design in Sarasota where traditional […]

Table Manners

“Lens” 48” x 48” acrylic and resin on wood. $595

  Artist  Joel Baxter My name is Joel Baxter, and I’ve often been compared to Forest Gump.  As he says, “I’ve worn lots of shoes”.  For me, after earning my degree in “Biology of all things” I worked as an assistant to a CPA.  I didn’t like those shoes.  After, I taught windsurfing and lifeguarded […]

Clay Magic

Reflection - $1200

Allen Finkel Allen Finkel lives in Fort Lauderdale with his husband, Ron, of thirty-nine years. In addition to being an artist, he is a psychotherapist and has been in practice for thirty-three years. He and Ron have a twenty-one-year-old daughter who recently graduated from college. They are very proud of the young woman that she has […]


Artist Shanique Dawkins I use charcoal, pastels, and acrylic paints to create abstracts, portraits, & still life. With each medium, I experiment and create vibrant, realistic, and eye-catching art. Each medium provides a distinct texture and allows me to explore different techniques. Using charcoal allows me to blend and smudge for a soft, smoky appearance. […]

I Hear You!

"Slow Down You're Doing Fine" - 30x30 inch acrylic on canvas $2800 .

  M A R E N E   D O W N S   ” I Hear You, ” my soul said to me years ago. Despite many others, including teachers, professionals, non-professionals, and society, advising me that perhaps I should choose another path. I didn’t listen to them. I wasn’t even aware at the […]

Tedd Talk the 100th Issue of “0ff The Wall”

T E D D   D A V I S artist/gallerist/curator/arts advocate Art has the power to captivate, inspire, and bring people together. It reflects our diverse world, showcasing the beauty and intricacies that surround us. Tedd Davis, a native of Philadelphia, has celebrated this diversity through his art and his time promoting other artists. Tedd’s artistic journey has always […]

It’s Whimsical

Artist Bio/About: Tucker is a professional mixed-media artist specializing in whimsical images of her own personal experiences of life, people, creatures, objects, and places. “My passion is creating paintings and then accessorizing them.  I use acrylics because I work fast, and they dry fast.  I’m truly inspired visually throughout my day.  Creating is simply who […]

Energetic Impasto

Dooney Potter Bio/About Dooney is a visual artist residing in Wilton Manors, Florida, currently exploring both abstract themes that combine mathematics with emotional symbolism as well as classical themes like the human figure, and myths in the context of the urban world. He also offers portraiture for both people and pets, murals, and customized artwork […]

Picture Perfect

Walter McBride Bio/About   My journey into celebrity photojournalism began in 1979. I had an early fascination with celebrities. Meeting, photographing, and collecting autographs became my hobby. Those early years inspired me to turn my hobby into what became my professional career. The first photograph I sold went Lucille Ball toforhe New York Post in […]