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Unexpected Directions

About Wendy Kershner I chose a passion as my college major, fine arts, and in my freshman year I fell in love with an art form I wasn’t familiar with—intaglio printmaking. Part of the appeal was that despite tight parameters and controls, the outcome was often unpredictable. Printmaking works in reverse: everything is inverted, so […]

Queen Of Happy

My name is Cindy Schlosser and I have recently opened Gallery On Market in the heart of the historic section of downtown Lancaster. I love being in the gallery, as it is my working studio. I enjoy painting while conversing with friends and customers who come in to visit. It is nice because the gallery […]

The Maine Ingredient

Meet Artist Kevin Xiques About Kevin Xiques “I am a self-taught artist based in Portland, Maine. In December of 2020 I picked up a paintbrush for the first time since 6th grade, and now I am completely immersed in my practice. I work with acrylic paint on canvas and my paintings focus on free will […]