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About Wendy Kershner

I chose a passion as my college major, fine arts, and in my freshman year I fell in love with an art form I wasn’t familiar with—intaglio printmaking. Part of the appeal was that despite tight parameters and controls, the outcome was often unpredictable. Printmaking works in reverse: everything is inverted, so there’s always an aspect of the unknown. I’m always thrilled by the ‘happy accidents that lead me in new and unexpected directions.

I grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and my corporate marketing career took me to major cities on the East Coast where I connected with other artists, took art classes, and joined printmaking studios. I ultimately moved back to my hometown and continued taking art classes. Wanting more work/life balance and purpose-driven work, I shifted my focus to freelance writing for regional nonprofits. My Golden Retriever rescue ensures that I’m out walking daily, and I draw inspiration from nature. I’m always working on ideas for new art series.

Pictured Above – Game Series: Cortella—Mother
(Collograph Plate/Collage)

Pictured Above – Game Series: Checker II—Grow/Stagnate
(Print Collage)


Pictured Above – Cooper & Daisy in the Park with Tedd and Wendy


Pictured Above – Portfolio Series: Broadmoor Pearl
(Print Collage)


Pictured Above – Organic Growth—Triptych

For more information or to inquire about Wendy’s Art Works Email: [email protected]

Thank you for joining us today, be safe, be well and be artful.

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