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G Man

G.MAN Bio/About  I am and my art is different because it is art with an experience, and that experience is YOU. When you discover a piece of my art, you are involved, there is an inner awareness of your own heart. I invite you to let go and explore the intuitive, free-spirited journey. You feel a […]

Nature’s Influence

Renata Rodrigues Bio/About  Renata Rodrigues is a visual artist born and raised in Brazil. She graduated in Graphic Arts at the University of Fine Arts of Sao Paulo.    She has been living as an artist and art educator in West Palm Beach for the last 7 years, where she has exhibited her work in […]

Drag Love

ROBIN SEWELL DAUM Bio/About My name is Robin and I live in CT but am currently spending a lot of time in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. After graduating high school, I attended Art School for a few semesters before I froze with a crippling case of imposter syndrome, and then dropped out. I didn’t create […]

Energetic Impasto

Dooney Potter Bio/About Dooney is a visual artist residing in Wilton Manors, Florida, currently exploring both abstract themes that combine mathematics with emotional symbolism as well as classical themes like the human figure, and myths in the context of the urban world. He also offers portraiture for both people and pets, murals, and customized artwork […]

Picture Perfect

Walter McBride Bio/About   My journey into celebrity photojournalism began in 1979. I had an early fascination with celebrities. Meeting, photographing, and collecting autographs became my hobby. Those early years inspired me to turn my hobby into what became my professional career. The first photograph I sold went Lucille Ball toforhe New York Post in […]

Materials & Mediums

Jamonte Franklin Bio/About  I consider myself an innovative artist.  As a schloar of the arts, I was exposed to various arts and cultures in my home country, Germany. I have showcased my art in bars and restaurants  but my aspirations is to become a world wide known artist.  Each art work that is sold, brings me […]

Access To Joy

Heather Renee Bio/About  Hi!  I am Heather Renee, a Local Artist in South Florida. I moved here late 2019 from Virginia, just in time for the pandemic. That was a lot to adjust to. During the lockdown I rediscovered my art and how crucial it was to me. I spent 12 years as a stay […]

Craft Work

  Michael Craft Bio/About   Michael came into the world holding a camera in one hand and a cooking spatula in the other. Driven by a passion for capturing life on film and the desire for the best red velvet cake recipe, he continues to strive for a photographic utopia and the perfect dinner party.   For over 25 […]

Mid Century Life

Marc Gave Bio/About I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. I was a peculiar child, with peculiar enthusiasms. I was obsessed with maps and started drawing them when I was about five: U.S. maps, world maps, but most of all street maps of Philadelphia, where I lived. I was fascinated by the way […]

His Passion Drives Him

Anthony Ardavin Bio/About Aradavin graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, with a Bachelor in Arts. Today, Ardavin is active as a painter, sculptor, curator, and art professor. He paints a world of imagination that is nostalgic for the past and usually works with the human figure against a background of geometric forms. […]