His Passion Drives Him

Anthony Ardavin Bio/About Aradavin graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, with a Bachelor in Arts. Today, Ardavin is active as a painter, sculptor, curator, and art professor. He paints a world of imagination that is nostalgic for the past and usually works with the human figure against a background of geometric forms. […]

Conceptional Innovation

Daniela Sanchez Vegas Bio/About Artist and citizen of the world. Born in Caracas Venezuela, she is a natural and captivating artist. Recognized for her ingenious way of creating amazing pieces of art with her creativity, straying away from the traditional, giving life to all her creations with her own color palette. Her art presentation leans […]

Designer Instinct

Robert Reda I was raised in New York City and studied art and design throughout my education. I’ve always been an entrepreneur by nature and built Redasign Studio, a brand building company that services the Licensing Industry. My love of interior design led to work in both private residences and public spaces in both New York and South Florida. My husband […]

Girl Noticed

Lori pratico Non Profit Leader | Muralist | Author | Speaker I throw paint on walls and canvases to inspire others to believe in themselves and notice their value. I feel like I hit jackpot when I realized that I could use my art as the vehicle to empower. The result is my non-profit Girl […]

Joyeaux Art.

Jean-Luc Thebaud I was born in Nantes, France. My father was an architect. I grew up surrounded by his work and his passion for Van Gogh, Picasso, and Degas. I moved to Paris and had the chance to meet the well-known film director, Marcel Carne (“The Children of Paradise”). He encouraged me and helped me […]

The Playfulness of Trish Delish.

Trish Stypka Won her first art award in 6th grade. The picture was on display at the Wieboldt’s Department Store in downtown Chicago where she is originally from. She didn’t begin her next art venture until her mid-twenties when she joined the Women’s Graphics Collective and participated in designing and silk-screening feminist and lesbian posters. […]

Abstract Surrealism with a Geometric Twist.

Cheryl Eggleston Cheryl’s formal art education is in Visual Communications/Graphic Design. After working in advertising for a short time, she left commercial art and began to show and sell her highly detailed black & white renderings of garden scenes. The devastating loss of her husband and the demands of everyday life took Cheryl away from […]

Abstract Expression

L E E  B R O C K Bio/About My family is from a very small town in Northwest Texas. As a teenager, I lived in Europe soaking in history, artwork, and culture through schooling and personal adventures. Upon returning to the US I continued my art education for a few years, however, I decided […]